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Jennymcqueen's Bio and Free Webcam

Echte naam:
King McQueen
16 april 1994
Geïnteresseerd in:
Laatste uitzending:
1 dag, 17 uren
Lichaams bouw:
skinny af
Roken / Drinken:
Lichaams versieringen:
Pics & Videos:
Over mij:

What you should know about me

Karma is a fucking bitch.
Fan of beaches and travel.
Ultimate procrastinator.
Crowd pleaser.
Liar.A bit OCD.
I love sandwiches.
I cry when I eat tuna salad. Tears of joy.
If I visit one new country every year, I won't make it to all 196 of them. Gotta step up my game.
Books. Classics. I should get a library subscription.
Drawing. I like photography.
Sleeping champ.
Law of universal attraction believer.
Crazy about tv series.
Swimsuits and lingerie addict. Impressive beginners collection.
I want cosmetic surgery done. No, I don't feel perfect and you can't tell me how to feel.
Notorious V.A.G.
Little faith in humanity. Introvert.
I detest ignorance. And racism.
What would I do if I were filthy rich? Build animal shelters.
What would I do if I were God? Noah's flood, part II.
Biggest goal - house owner.
It has been proven that women can be satisfied by only 3 1/2 inches. Doesn't matter if it's Visa or Mastercard.

Things you should do

Don't be lazy,

Tip options

  • Bewbs (probably both, but you never know): 55 tokens

  • Bum: 75 tokens

  • Naked for a while: 205 tokens

  • Pussy ... are you fucking kidding me?: 5555 tokens

  • Snap (I send out random stuff with a dose of sexiness. Screenshots are allowed, dick picks are redirected to my boyfriend for his opinion): 420 tokens

  • For any other requests: 45 tokens

  • Private shows (when they happen) are 30 tokens/min with a 200 tokens tip fee prior to the private show.

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