Our 1st Threesome: A Week of NonStop Sex


We met Anah (Anah Habana) while staying in Mexico and felt an instant (and very hot) connection, which lead to a whole week long of pleasure and fun. We had agreed that we would see if we were into each other first and then, if everything went right we would do some work together, but none of us imagined how well this would go. The chemistry was immediate, we enjoyed cooking all together naked, making drinks and Anah and Kim even showered together, we couldn't be apart. But you know we never like leaving you out of our sex life, so we recorded everything in this hour long video of pure sex and lust. It starts with some public topless, who can't love that? We're getting a tan, getting to know each other and enjoying the beautiful weather of Yucatàn, Mèxico. Later that day we go home and we kiss for the first time, which immediately led us to our bedroom and to the first cumshot of this video. After some really hot positions Anah and Kim end up scissoring and Paolo cums all over our hot bodies. Anah and Kim tak

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