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Theplutonianlust's Bio and Free Webcam

Echte naam:
Plutonian Lust
12 november 1994
Geïnteresseerd in:
Mannen, Vrouwen, Trans
California, United States
Laatste uitzending:
2 months ago
Roken / Drinken:
Lichaams versieringen:
A birthmark on my arm
Over mij:

A sexually vibrant lady, looking to reach new levels of consciousness. Also, I talk a lot. Have fun, my lovely viewers.

Contact: plutonianlust@gmail.com

instagram: @sumuhlizabeth
Youtube: Elizabeth Sum


Q: What's your name?
A: Please, call me Pluto.

Q: How old are you? What is your Birthday?
A: I am currently 22. My birthday is, as stated above, November 12th, 1994.

Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in SoCal

Q: What music do you like?
A: I like all kinds of music, from mainstream to more underground, from all decades. Being from SoCal, I grew up with a lot of late 80s and early 90s hip-hop, (Tribe Called Quest, N.W.A., Notorious B.I.G., etc.), so I am also into that too.

Q: What is your ethnicity? Are you Indian/Latina/Black/ect.?
A: I am Cambodian. Cambodia is a country bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the South China Sea. Chomrabsuor! Khynm trk r na dl ban skal lok!

Q: What's your Degree?
A: Business Economics.

Q: Why are you so philosophical all the time?
A: As I grew up, over my years, and growing up in a Buddhist household, I have learned a lot about being aware and keeping an open mind. I am a student of life, I like to say. This has helped me become more wise, and I love to share my observations and knowledge with you guys as well. I believe in giving back to the universe, and I want to do that by giving back what I am passionate about, knowledge, fun and sexuality. There is a lot that goes into it, but you will hear me talk about it, I am sure. Feel free to join in! Also, I am learning a lot while camming on here, about myself, you, and everything, and you guys fascinate me!

Q: Why do you talk so damn much?
A: I am one of those models that likes to put the chat in chaturbate. I am aware that this is a place where people will come to masturbate to hot models, and I want to also provide that as well ;), but I also like to chill out and hang out with you guys. If you don't like that, there are plenty of other models out there that I am sure will satisfy your sexual needs.

Q: What's your favorite food?
A: I love all kinds of food, seriously. I love it as much as I love sex... Especially some good fries... Give me an avocado on toast and it's like an orgasm in my mouth. I am an aspiring vegan (still working on being a vegetarian first), and I am lactose intolerant, though.

Q: What kind of guys are you into?
A: I have no preference, so if I like a guy, I like him for who he is. However, if he is an asshole, I would not really be attracted to that.

Q: Does size matter?
A: What I think really matters is "the flow of the ocean". I mean, if I can please myself with just my little fingers, and have intense orgasms (you will see hehe), size isn't what is making that happen, it's the flow of the ocean.

Q: Do you have any toys?
A: I don't have any (however, I am thinking about getting a lovense soon). I do just fine using my hands.

Q: Would you have a threesome?
A: I have found out sometime in August after starting my chaturbate that, yes, I would be interested in a threesome. Never done one, yet.

Q: How many guys have you fucked?
A: I haven't fucked that many guys, but I have been a serial dater. lol If anything, I have made out with a lot of guys... I am currently seeing a guy, but he knows I do this. ;)

Q: Do you have any other accounts (SC, Twitter, Kik, etc.)?
A: I have a Twitter, link is above! I have a Kik for sale above also! No SC yet. No other accounts, at the moment.

Q: Do you have any rules?
A: BE NICE, and that is my only rule. Cum and hang out and we'll have fun. :)

Q: What is your gender?
A: I am a girl, not a ladyboy, I am sorry. lol

Q: What is with this NOFAP group?
A: I know! Don't look at me, some of my fans just decided to torture themselves and not touch themselves to me. It's crazy! If you dare, you can give the challenge a try. See how long you last before I break you. Hehe

Q: Do you squirt?
A: No, I don't, I am sorry!

Q: Do you do Privates? Do you PM?
A: I do privates, but only at a certain time. Usually the first two hours of the broadcast I do privates. I also will take privates if I have it up on the title of my broadcast. Also, please let me know what you would like for your PM, in case I may not be able to do it, and such.
As for PMs, I can take PMs, but I admit I usually just look at the general chat room, and probably will miss your PM, but I will try and read them too. lol

Q: Can you put your finger in your ass?
A: I have never put anything in my ass before lol, but maybe someday I will do a special show and try it out (with LOTS of lube). Be patient with this one.

Q: Can I fuck you in the ass?
A: If you can fuck me on my period, then you can fuck me in the ass (again, with lots of lube lol).

Q: Can you do this/that/whatnot?
A: I am an open girl who is willing to try new things, almost anything. I may have to get comfortable at doing certain things, but in due time, with patience (patience seems to be a theme here lol), you will see me do more things, especially when I get really horny! HOWEVER, there is a reason why I say "almost anything". The only line that I draw is that I will NOT do anything related to poo, pee, and vomit whatsoever. Not only will I get banned, but I just don't like that kind of stuff at all. Sorry to those who do!

Q: What is with all the zodiac sign stuff?
A: I love astrology! Tell me your star sign, moon sign, etc. and I will tell you what it means and/or compatibility, etc. I personally believe astrology as fact, from the experience that I have seen about every star sign I have observe and been with. All of the predictions that come with that star sign have been true. So, I really am interested in astrology and pay attention to it. Heck, I am working to be an expert on it in the future, as well as be a writer. I am also mentioning this because I guarantee every time I broadcast I will mention astrology. lol

Q: You are still talking?!
A: YES I AM! lol, hey, it is hard to believe, but I am only scratching the surface of most of this stuff. There is so much that can go into many topics that we can learn more from and get in depth with. Hey, it is all a part of my style, and I usually talk either at the beginning or cuddle time after cumming. Most of the time, I am horny as fuck during the whole thing, no lie. Maybe, if I am really horny, I can possibly be distracted by some sexy graphics and just bite my lower lip and wanna touch myself. ;)

Maybe all of this can be too long to read, but you will learn a good general basic about me by reading this Q&A.; Either way, still feel free to ask anything, even if it is a repeat question! As you can tell, I do not discourage talking. lol I will try and get to all of your messages!
Anyway, please cum and hangout and enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my room!

Sex tips! In no particular order:

1. When you are fingering/eating her out/fucking her, and when she cums, make sure you hold yourself down there for at least a minute. This will make her keep cumming and feel amazing. When giving head, hold your face down there with firm pressure. When fingering her, cup your hand and cover her whole pussy and apply firm pressure against the whole thing. When fucking, just hold your cock inside of her deeply. If you are too big, help by pressing against her clit with your hands.

2. The pussy has a lot of nerve endings mainly on the front, and close in the entrance of the vagina. Here's a tip for both fingering and fucking. Once she is ready and when you enter her pussy, don't enter just straight in, enter by curving your fingers/dick upward. That is where her G-spot is, and when you hit that, or give it good firm friction/pressure, it feel sooooo good! This can also help make a girl squirt, if she is a squirter.

3. If you are giving a guy head, and you feel you are gonna gag, just squeeze your left thumb. That triggers your gag reflex to not happen.

4. There are a lot of nerve endings on the human body that can cause sexual stimulus. The most common places are the lips, neck, breasts (mainly nipples), vagina, lower back, ass, thighs, and ear lobes. One great place is also the grundle, or the taint, which is the place between the anus and penis/vagina. Rubbing that with lube or adding pressure stimulates the prostate which can give sexual pleasure also. This can possibly make for intense orgasms as well.

5. Doing Kegels is very healthy for your sexual health, for both men and women! Basically,if you are peeing and you try to stop yourself from peeing, that is using your Kegels (you can also squeeze your ass cheeks, but this is not as effective on your kegels). Do that and hold it for a certain amount of time and the release, like tensing the muscles and then relaxing them. It strengthens your vagina and makes you harder when erect, and helps aid in more intense orgasms, among other great benefits! Do them every day, sometimes more than once! Recommended for beginners, hold for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds, and do that 10 times. Keep gradually increasing day by day, but do what's comfortable.

6. Even though this is obvious, but sex is always better when there is mental stimulus as well. When you are both mentally and physically stimulated, that will make for a very explosive time of amazing fucking for sure!
This counts where you or your partner has to ease into having sex through foreplay, getting all wet and hard and feeling relaxed but hot and loose, or if y'all both are just already hot and ready for fucking. It is important that you both are comfortable for it. Don't have anything going on in your brain. Just be in the now, together, feeling sexy and hot!

More to cum!


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